SATELEC has always designed tips that respect the tooth's anatomy and vibrate in perfect harmony with the handpiece.

We don't deny that a brand X tip can be cheaper to buy than a genuine SATELEC tip but we would remind you that only genuine SATELEC tips have been designed specifically for use with our generators, and we strongly recommend them. Furthermore, brand X tips can be harder than tooth enamel, which could cause undesired wear, or even etching, of the tooth's surface. That's not all - you risk damaging the screw thread and electronics of your SATELEC handpiece. Last but certainly not least, even a slight physical or electronic incompatibility could cause a brand X tip to break ... with a risk of ingestion by the patient.

Understandably, SATELEC's liability - both legal and with regard to warranty of parts and accessories - cannot be engaged for damages that arise from the use of any other than genuine SATELEC accessories.

In the end, you'll always come back to SATELEC
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