SATELEC has always designed tips that respect the tooth's anatomy and vibrate in perfect harmony with the handpiece.

We don't deny that a brand X tip can be cheaper to buy than a genuine SATELEC tip but we would remind you that only genuine SATELEC tips have been designed specifically for use with our generators, and we strongly recommend them. Furthermore, brand X tips can be harder than tooth enamel, which could cause undesired wear, or even etching, of the tooth's surface. That's not all - you risk damaging the screw thread and electronics of your SATELEC handpiece. Last but certainly not least, even a slight physical or electronic incompatibility could cause a brand X tip to break ... with a risk of ingestion by the patient.

Understandably, SATELEC's liability - both legal and with regard to warranty of parts and accessories - cannot be engaged for damages that arise from the use of any other than genuine SATELEC accessories.

In the end, you'll always come back to SATELEC
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SP Newtron® Module




SP Newtron® Module


The SP NEWTRON® module is a multi-clinic piezo-ultrasonic generator  that drives four modes through one single knob (Perio, Endo, Scaling and “Boost”).



- The module includes an intelligent control system which adjusts continuously its output power,  according to the resistance encountered by the tip and the mode selected (Feed Back System).
- It can track and adapt continuously the vibratory frequency from 28 kHz to 36 kHz, (Auto-Tuning System)

- In real time, the Newtron controls the  amplitude control of the tips from 4 to 200 μm, (Push Pull System).


The Cruise Control® System is a combination of these three features. Including in Newtron® technology, it provides you an easy plug and use device!


Newtron® technology is also available in our SP4055 format for upgrading previous OEM configurations
This generator is full compatible with Satelec CCS tips range, handpiece cords and handpieces. Many different configurations are available, with different options such as:
- Handpiece cords available in different colors and lengths
- Several set of spare parts including tips and wiring accessories



Contact your local Satelec® office for further information.


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Input Power supply :

24 VAC ±10%, 50/60Hz, 35VA
35 VDC ±10%, 30Watt


Output Characteristics :
Frequency 28 KHz to 36 kHz
Power 0.1 to 1 Watt @ Periodontal
0.4 to 2.8 Watt @ Endodontic
2 to 9 Watt @ Scaling
Power adjustment through potentiometer or 5 VDC analog input.


Mechanical datas :
Handpiece size : Diameter Ø 21mm
Length : 110mm
Weight : 55g
Module size : 37 x 50 x 75mm
Weight : 75g


Classification according to 93/42/EEC Directive : Class IIa